Buying bitcoin & other crypto at Banco Davivienda – tutorial

Do you want to buy Bitcoin & other crypto with your bank account at Banco Davivienda? You can! Follow the steps in this guide to invest in the most popular cryptocurrencies.

How to buy crypto at Banco Davivienda?

Step 1: open an account with a crypto exchange

Crypto exchanges make it possible to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins. It is wise to choose a reliable exchange with low commissions. In the overview below, you can immediately see which crypto exchanges you can use:

eToro buy cryptoTrade in Bitcoin & other cryptos! Try for free with a demo & deposit money with Banco Davivienda after. eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Step 2: deposit money from Banco Davivienda

Before you can deposit money, you must first verify your account. You do this by going through verification; upload a copy of your passport & address to enable deposit of funds.

You can then transfer funds to the crypto exchange directly from your Banco Davivienda account. Bear in mind that it may take several working days for the money to arrive in your crypto exchange account. The bank account you use to transfer money must be in the same name as your crypto account.

Step 3: buy crypto with Banco Davivienda

Most crypto exchanges allow you to invest in dozens or even hundreds of crypto coins. Some people decide to actively speculate on price fluctuations, while other users buy crypto for the long term. Regardless of your strategy, it is important to properly research the crypto you want to invest in. By doing so, you avoid investing in a worthless crypto.

When you are sure which crypto you would like to buy, you can place an order. Within the order screen, you always enter the amount you would like to invest. If necessary, you can also use a limit order: you then enter the price at which you want to buy the crypto coin. Then press the buy button to buy the relevant crypto directly with Banco Davivienda.

Buy Crypto Banco Davivienda

Bitcoin’s secret

More and more people are considering investing in Bitcoin, and this can certainly be interesting! The founder of Bitcoin is still anonymous. Online, this person calls himself Satoshi Nakamote, but until today, no one has any idea who this actually is.

Banco Davivienda’s stance on crypto

Banco Davivienda is experimenting with crypto in Colombia. For instance, the bank was the first bank to launch a blockchain bond. Banco Davivienda is positive about crypto and allows users to transfer money to crypto exchanges. You can therefore buy Bitcoin with your bank account at Banco Davivienda without any problems.

About Banco Davivienda

Founded in 1972, Banco Davivienda is now Colombia’s third-largest bank. Its headquarters are in Bogota, but the bank also has large offices in Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla. The bank manages more than $30 billion in assets and also operates in Florida, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama.

Buy Bitcoin Banco Davivienda

Can you buy Bitcoin at Banco Davivienda?

It is not possible to buy Bitcoin directly from Banco Davivienda. However, by linking your bank account to a crypto exchange, you can still buy Bitcoin & other crypto with the funds in your Banco Davivienda account. Always keep security in mind: many users lose money with crypto investments because they don’t research the risks.


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