How to buy crypto at BCP? Buy Bitcoin!

Do you want to buy crypto with your bank account at Banco de Credito del Peru? You can! Follow the steps in this article to invest in crypto directly at BCP!

How to buy crypto at BCP?

Before you can buy crypto from BCP, you first need an account with a crypto exchange. A crypto exchange allows you to buy Bitcoin & other crypto using your bank account with BCP. You can open an account directly by pressing one of the following buttons:

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Personally, I always pay attention to the following things when selecting a crypto exchange:

  • Demo: it is advantageous when a demo is available. That way, I can try out the possibilities without limitation first.
  • Supply: a wide range of crypto is advantageous. This allows you to always invest in your favourite crypto.
  • Fees: fees also matter. In fact, by saving on fees, you can achieve higher returns.
  • Reliability: I also like to verify the reliability of the exchange. For example, is it regulated?

Verify your account

After you open an account, you need to verify it first:

  • Upload a copy of your passport
  • Upload a proof of address
  • Answer the questions about your investment experiences
  • Answer the questions on your financial situation

Depositing money from BCP

You can now deposit money directly from your bank account at Banco de Credito del Peru to the crypto exchange. Kindly note that it may take a few working days for the money to be added to your account.

Buying crypto with BCP

Now select the crypto you want to buy within the trading software. Many investors choose Bitcoin, but of course, you can also choose an altcoin. Altcoins are all cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin and differ greatly in function.

Within the order screen, you then enter the amount you would like to invest. Press the buy button when you are satisfied with your order: it will then be sent directly to the crypto exchange.Buy crypto BCP

BCP’s stance on crypto

BCP has not published a clear crypto policy. However, the bank is not known to block bank accounts of users who invest in crypto. You can therefore safely buy Bitcoin & other crypto without any problems using your bank account with Banco de Credito del Peru.

About Banco de Credito del Peru

Banco de Credito del Peru, or BCP for short, is the largest bank in Peru with around $40 billion in assets. The bank has a market share of more than 30% and has been operating in the country for almost 130 years. With 13 million customers, BCP is therefore a major player in Peru’s banking system.

Buy bitcoin BCP

Can you buy Bitcoin at BCP?

It is not possible to buy Bitcoin directly from BCP. However, by following the steps in this short guide, you can invest in crypto with your bank balances without any issues. Always conduct extensive research though; the crypto market is very unpredictable, and you can lose tens of percent in a day.


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