Can you buy crypto (Bitcoin) at Crédit Agricole?

You cannot buy Bitcoin & other crypto directly from Credit Agricole. However, by following the steps in this article, you can link your bank account with Credit Agricole to a reliable crypto exchange.

How to buy crypto with Crédit Agricole?

Step 1: sign up with a crypto exchange

You can use a crypto exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin. As Crédit Agricole does not offer Bitcoin itself, you need an account with a crypto exchange to trade in crypto. The overview below shows you which crypto exchanges you can join:

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Step 2: deposit money from Crédit Agricole

Before you can deposit money from your Crédit Agricole to your bank account, you must first verify your account. You verify your account by uploading a copy of your passport and address. Within Europe, crypto exchanges must verify customer data; this way they prevent the exchange from being used for illegal purposes.

After your account is approved, you can deposit funds directly from your Crédit Agricole account. It may take a few working days for the money to appear in your crypto exchange account.

Step 3: buy crypto with Crédit Agricole

Select the crypto you want to buy with Crédit Agricole. You can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or one of hundreds of other altcoins.

Within the order screen, you then directly enter the amount you would like to invest. With most crypto exchanges, you can invest in your favourite crypto for as little as €10. Press buy to send the order to the crypto exchange; it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to exchange your fiat for crypto.

Buy Crypto Crédit Agricole

Why an external wallet makes sense

It may be wise to store your crypto on an external wallet. With an external wallet, you are completely in control. In the past, crypto exchanges did go bankrupt, with users losing some of their assets. A good example of this is the bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX.

You should also be careful with an external wallet. An external wallet is 100% decentralized, so companies cannot help you to gain access. Remember your password well: this prevents you from getting locked out.

Crédit Agricole’s stance on crypto

Crédit Agricole has not published a comprehensive crypto policy on its website. The bank does offer a well-organized and clear explanation of blockchain and crypto that can certainly be worthwhile.

Most of the users manage to buy & sell crypto without any problems with their account with Crédit Agircole. Your account will not be blocked when you transfer money to a reliable crypto exchange.

About Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole Group or La Banque Verte is France’s second-largest bank after BNP Paribas. Its nickname ‘the green bank’ has stuck because of its strong connections with agriculture. Crédit Agricole is the third-largest bank in Europe and 10th in the world. With more than $2,500 billion in assets and 140,000 employees, the bank is a major player on the global stage.

You can trade Crédit Agricole shares on Euronext Paris. The shares are listed at the top of the CAC40.

The bank has been around since 1894. Initially, Crédit Agricole only offered short-term loans for farmers to bridge the period between harvests. Today, however, the bank offers a wide range of banking services across the globe.

Buy Bitcoin Crédit Agricole

Can you buy Bitcoin at Crédit Agricole?

It is not possible to invest directly in Bitcoin or other crypto at Crédit Agricole. However, Crédit Agricole does not block transactions to crypto exchanges, so you can still buy Bitcoin without any problems. Always keep the risks in mind though: many novice investors lose money with crypto because they maintain unrealistic expectations.


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