Heritage Bank: buy crypto (bitcoin) instantly in 3 steps!

Want to buy crypto with your Heritage Bank account? Follow the 3 steps in this article! Buying Bitcoin & Ethereum with your Heritage Bank account is possible.

How to buy crypto at Heritage Bank?

Step 1: register with a crypto exchange

Before you can buy crypto with your Heritage Bank account, you first need an account with a crypto exchange. In the overview below, you can immediately see which parties you can join:

eToro buy cryptoTrade in Bitcoin & other cryptos! Try for free with a demo & deposit money with Heritage bank after. eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Step 2: verify account & deposit money

Before you can invest in crypto, it is important to verify your account first. You can verify your account by uploading a copy of your passport and proof of your address. After these documents are approved, you can directly deposit money into your crypto account from your Heritage Bank account.

Step 3: buy crypto with Heritage Bank

After the money arrives in your account, you can buy crypto right away. Within the trading platform, select the crypto you want to buy and enter the amount you want to invest. You can optionally choose to also use a stop loss and take profit: this way, you can automatically take your loss or profit at a certain value.

When you are satisfied with your order, you can send it directly to the exchange by pressing the buy button. Please note that it may take several minutes for the order to be fully executed.

Buy crypto Heritage Bank

Do you want to sell the crypto again afterwards? You can do this by submitting a sell order to the crypto exchange. You can then transfer the money back to your Heritage Bank account. Some crypto exchanges charge a small fee for withdrawing crypto funds.

What is Heritage Bank’s stance on crypto?

Heritage is at least interested in the technology behind crypto. Indeed, along with other banks, they are working on several blockchain projects. The bank does not yet offer crypto services, but does not block transactions to crypto exchanges. You can therefore buy crypto with your bank account at Heritage Bank without any problems.

How to prevent crypto scams?

Many users complain to Heritage Bank about crypto scams. Investing in crypto is therefore risky and it is important to take the necessary precautions. In any case, watch out for so-called red flags:

  • Investments never come with guaranteed returns. Avoid parties that promise this.
  • When you are approached by someone for an investment out of the blue, it is better not to reply.
  • When celebrities are used as advisers, beware: after all, they are not financial experts and are used as decoys.
  • When you are pressured to make a certain investment, it is better stay away.

About Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank is one of the largest customer-owned banks. Its headquarters can be found in Queensland, but the bank owns a total of 62 branches. The bank sells mortgages through a network of brokers.

Buy bitcoin Heritage Bank

Can you buy Bitcoin from Heritage Bank?

It is absolutely possible to buy Bitcoin from Heritage Bank. You do this by linking your bank account to a crypto exchange. It will probably be some time before Heritage Bank itself starts offering crypto trading services. When you start actively trading crypto, it is important to take precautions. That way, you avoid crypto scams as much as possible.


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