ANZ Bank: learn how to buy crypto within 10 minutes (2023)

Want to buy crypto with your ANZ account? You can! Using the steps in this guide, you can make your first crypto investment with your account at the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in ten minutes.

How to buy crypto with your ANZ Bank account?

Step 1: open an account with a crypto exchange

Before you can invest in crypto with your ANZ Bank account, you first need an account with a crypto exchange. In the overview below, you can immediately see which parties you can join:

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Step 2: activate your account

Opening an account is easy; most exchanges only require you to enter a username and password to do so. However, before you can buy crypto, you need to activate your account. To do this, upload a copy of, for example, your passport or other proof of identity.

Step 3: deposit money from your ANZ Bank account

You can then deposit money directly into the crypto exchange using your ANZ Bank. This is only possible when your ANZ Bank account is in the same name as your account with the crypto exchange.

Step 4: select & buy crypto with ANZ Bank

Now navigate within the crypto platform to the cryptocurrency you want to buy. This could be Bitcoin, for example, but also an altcoin such as Dogecoin. Within the order screen, you then enter the amount you want to invest. When you are ready, you can send the order directly to the exchange.

Buy crypto ANZ Bank
Step 5: additional security

In any case, make sure your account with the crypto exchange is properly secured. You do this by using a strong password and by activating 2FA. You can secure your crypto even better by sending it to an external wallet: I personally use Trust Wallet for this purpose.

Step 6: selling your crypto

You can sell your crypto again at any time: this basically works the same as buying the crypto. Enter the amount of crypto you want to sell and then press the sell button. You can then have the money transferred back to your ANZ Bank account.

What is ANZ Bank’s stance on crypto?

ANZ Bank is sympathetic to crypto. In 2023 the bank even sent a large amount of stablecoins for the first time. Stablecoins can greatly reduce the transaction costs of international transactions in the future. Blockchain as a technology could therefore be very interesting for the future of banking.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Bitcoin or other crypto with your account at ANZ Bank. At the same time, the bank does not block transactions to and from crypto exchanges, so you can trade crypto with your account at this bank without any problems.

About the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group or ANZ is an Australian multinational bank headquartered in Melbourne. Within Australia, it is one of the four largest banks with more than 50,000 employees. The bank operates in 34 countries including, obviously, Australia and New Zealand.

Founded in 1970, ANZ Bank is part of the big four along with Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac.

Buy bitcoin ANZ Bank

Can you buy Bitcoin at ANZ?

You cannot buy Bitcoin or other crypto independently with your ANZ bank account. Fortunately, however, you can invest in crypto at ANZ bank without any problems by linking your account to a crypto exchange. If you are curious about how to do this, you can follow the roadmap at the beginning of this article.


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