Can you buy crypto at China Construction Bank (CCB)?

In this guide, I’ll explain how to buy Bitcoin & other crypto using your bank account with CCB.

How to buy crypto with CCB?

Step 1: open an account with a crypto exchange

CCB does not offer crypto to its customers at the time of writing. Fortunately, you can link your bank account to a reliable crypto exchange without any problems. In the overview below, you can immediately see which crypto exchanges you can sign up with:

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Step 2: deposit money with CCB

When you are ready for your first crypto investment, you can deposit money from your bank account at China Construction Bank into your crypto account. Keep in mind that it may take a few days for the money to arrive.

Step 3: buy crypto with CCB

Select the crypto you want to invest in using your bank account with CCB. Most people invest in Bitcoin, but you can, of course, choose any other cryptocurrency.

Open the order screen to directly access your investment. Here, you enter the amount you would like to invest, and you can select an order type if necessary. After you have placed an order, you can track your results any time of the day.

Buy crypto CCB

What is CCB’s stance on crypto?

CCB doesn’t have a negative stance on blockchain technology: in 2020, for example, the bank was involved in developing a bond on the blockchain.

Yet China Construction Bank itself cannot offer crypto. This is because the Chinese government has banned Chinese companies from offering crypto services. You can still invest via peer 2 peer or foreign crypto exchanges, but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

About China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank or CCB for short is one of the biggest four banks in China. Globally, with more than 13,000 branches, $3000 trillion in assets and 340,000 employees, the bank ranks 6th.

CCB was founded in 1954 under the name People’s Construction Bank of China. The bank only decided to change its name to CCB in 1996.

The bank is also actively expanding internationally. For example, the bank bought Bank of America (Asia) in 2006, with which it gained market share in Hong Kong and Macao. CCB Indonesia was established in 2016 by merging Bank Windu Kentjana and Bank Anda.  China Construction Bank’s shares are tradable on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges.

Buy bitcoin CCB

Can you buy Bitcoin from CCB?

You can absolutely buy Bitcoin with your bank account at CCB! However, the bank itself does not offer crypto services; so you will have to use a clever workaround. At the beginning of this article, you can discover out how to buy Bitcoin & other crypto with your bank account at China Construction Bank.


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