Can you buy crypto at Kasikornbank (KBank)?

More and more people are asking me if it is possible to buy crypto from Kasikornbank. In this article, I discuss in detail how to buy Bitcoin & other crypto using your bank account at KBank.

How to buy crypto with Kasikornbank (KBank)?

Step 1: open an account with a crypto exchange

Kbank does not sell offer crypto services; you will therefore need to link your crypto account with the bank to a reliable crypto exchange. In addition, pay attention to the transaction fees, that way you can improve your results. The overview below shows you directly which crypto exchanges you can open an account with:

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Step 2: deposit money with KBANK

After you open an account, you can deposit money directly using your bank account with Kbank. Please note that it may take several working days for your deposit to be processed.

More and more crypto exchanges also require you to verify your account by uploading a copy of your passport and proof of address. It is important that your crypto account and your bank account are in the same name.

Step 3: buy crypto with Kbank

You are now all set to make your first crypto investment! Select Bitcoin or any other crypto within the investment platform and decide how much you want to invest. You can then press the buy button to send the order to the crypto exchange.

Many investors wonder when is the best time to buy crypto. The dollar cost averaging method can help with this: you then buy crypto at fixed moments with a fixed amount. This way, you achieve the average return on the crypto you invest in.

Buy crypto Kbank

What is Kasikornbank (KBank)’s crypto policy?

Kbank, like many other Thai banks, is relatively positive about crypto. With the government regulating crypto, banks have become more comfortable with crypto transactions. Therefore, it should not pose any problems when you transfer money from your bank account at Kasikornbank to a reliable crypto exchange.

How much does investing in crypto cost?

Many people wonder how much it costs to invest in crypto in Thailand. Crypto exchanges decide the commissions they charge. At some crypto exchanges, you pay only 0.1 per cent while at some other exchanges, you pay more than one per cent.

Also pay attention to banking fees. For example, you pay money at some exchanges for exchanging Thai baht into dollars. It is often unwise to deposit money with your credit card, as this incurs even higher transaction fees.

About KBank / Kasikorn Bank

Kasikornban is also known as KBank in Thailand and was formerly known as Thai Farmers Bank. The bank’s shares have been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1976. The bank’s headquarters are in the Thailand and with more than 800 branches and 8,000 ATMs, the bank is a major player in the country.

Buy bitcoin Kbank

Can you buy Bitcoin from KBANK?

You cannot buy Bitcoin & other crypto directly from KBANK, but you can link your bank account to a crypto exchange. It is important to select a crypto exchange that also operates in Thailand. Moreover, spend enough time securing your account: that way, you can prevent theft.


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