Buy crypto at Mercantile Santa Cruz Bank (2023)

Do you want to buy crypto using your bank account at Mercantile Santa Cruz Bank? Follow the steps in this guide to buy Bitcoin directly from BMSC!

How to buy crypto at BMSC?

Step 1: register with a crypto exchange

It is not possible to buy crypto directly with your bank account at BMSC. Fortunately, there is a clever trick that allows you to invest in Bitcoin without any problems; namely, you can link your bank account to a crypto exchange. In the overview below, you can immediately see which exchanges you can use:

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Always conduct proper research before you start investing with a crypto exchange. This allows you to determine whether a crypto exchange is the best one for you.

Step 2: deposit money into your crypto account

Before you can buy crypto, you need to transfer money from your BMSC account to your crypto exchange account. It can take several working days for the money to arrive, depending on the crypto exchange you use. Most crypto exchanges also require you to go through some steps to verify your account first.

Step 3: buy crypto with BMSC

You can trade in dozens of crypto coins at most crypto exchanges. When you are sure which crypto you would like to buy, you can select it directly within the trading platform. Enter the amount you want to invest and press the buy button to place the order. It can sometimes take several minutes for the order to be executed. After all, a suitable seller must be found for each buyer.

Buy crypto BMSC

Is it wise to buy crypto?

Crypto investments do not suit every investor. It is therefore advisable to thoroughly research your own financial situation. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and are therefore only suitable with investors with a high-risk tolerance. You should also have enough time to keep an eye on the crypto market.

Are you not sure if investing in crypto suits you? Some crypto exchanges allow you to try the possibilities risk-free with a free demo.

BMSC’s stance on crypto

BMSC has not published a crypto policy on its website. However, no reports have come out of customers whose accounts were blocked after they bought crypto. Therefore, opening an account with a crypto exchange should not be a problem.

About BMSC

Bamco Mercantil Santa Cruz S.A., also known as Mercantil Santa Cruz or BMSC is the largest bank in Bolivia. BMSC’s headquarters can be found in La Paz, which is the capital of Bolivia. The bank has more than 90 branches in total and operates more than 300 ATMs. The bank was formed in 2006 by the merger of Banco Mercantil and Banco Santa Cruz.

Buy bitcoin BMSC

Can you buy Bitcoin at BMSC?

It is not possible to buy Bitcoin at Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz. However, by connecting your BMSC account to a reliable crypto exchange, you can still make your first crypto investment in three easy steps. At the beginning of this article, you can read how to make your first crypto investment yourself with BMSC.


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