Can you buy crypto (Bitcoin & Ethereum) at Regions Bank?

It is not possible to buy crypto directly at Regions Bank. Fortunately, by following the steps in this guide, you can still buy your favourite crypto using your Regions Bank account.

How to buy crypto at Regions Bank?

Many people ask me if they can buy crypto with the bank balance at Regions Bank. Fortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding yes!

However, before you can invest in crypto at Regions Bank, you must first open an account with a crypto exchange. Choose one below that you have a good feeling about so you can get started:

eToro buy cryptoTrade in Bitcoin & other cryptos! Try for free with a demo & deposit money with Regions Bank after. eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Buying Bitcoin and other crypto at Regions Bank

After you have opened an account with a crypto exchange, you can open your first investment. To do this, navigate to the crypto asset you want to invest in and press the buy button.

You then enter the amount at Regions Bank with which you want to buy the crypto in question. With a market order, you then buy the crypto at the current price and with a limit order, you can buy the crypto at a set price.

Regions Bank buy crypto

What exactly are crypto currencies?

Before investing in crypto with your funds in your Regions Bank account, it is important to understand what crypto is.

Crypto currencies are decentralised currencies that you can use to make online payments. There are now thousands of different crypto currencies, all with their own unique features. Ethereum, for example, is known for its so-called smart contracts that allow you to create digital contracts.

What is important about crypto currencies is that they are completely decentralised: thousands of computers control transactions which means that no bank is needed to execute them. Various techniques exist today for verifying and executing these transactions.

What is Regions Bank’s stance on crypto?

Regions Bank has nothing against you investing in crypto yourself with your bank account. It will probably be some time before the bank itself introduces crypto as an investment opportunity.

On their website, they have published an article explaining exactly how crypto currencies work. In the article, just like here, they explain themselves that you need an account with a crypto exchange to invest in Bitcoin. That they mention this is a good sign: you can assume that Regions Bank will not block your account when you transfer money to a crypto exchange.

Can you buy Bitcoin from Regions Bank?

You can buy Bitcoin from Regions Bank when you open an account with a reliable crypto exchange. Do plenty of research though: there are many scammers who will try to steal your crypto. Investing in crypto with money in your Regions Bank account can certainly be interesting, but investing in Bitcoin is definitely high risk, high reward.


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