Buying crypto at Suntrust Bank: the complete guide (2023)

If you want to buy crypto with your bank account at Suntrust bank, you’ve come to the right place on this page! In this article, I cover directly how to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular altcoins with your Suntrust bank account.

How can you open crypto at Suntrust Bank?

When you want to buy crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum from Suntrust Bank, you need to go through some steps first. For example, you need an account with a crypto exchange. I’m happy to help you get started with this list of reliable exchanges where you can open an account:

eToro buy cryptoTrade in Bitcoin & other cryptos! Try for free with a demo & deposit money with Suntrust Bank after. eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

With some exchanges, you can even try out the features for free & risk-free with a demo. That’s another great deal!

Depositing money into your crypto account

After opening an account with an exchange, you can transfer money from your Suntrust Bank account to your crypto account. Keep in mind that you still need to activate your account first. Depending on the exchange, it can take up to several days for your deposit to be processed. It is therefore smart to think ahead and always put some money aside in your account. That way, you can always react quickly to changing market conditions.

Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum with Suntrust Bank

After opening an account with a crypto exchange of your choice, you can make your first investment. To do this, navigate directly to the crypto asset you want to invest in and press the buy button.

Within the order screen, you then enter the amount you want to buy the crypto for. Crypto exchanges themselves determine the minimum amount you can invest in crypto. With some exchanges, this amount is surprisingly low and ten or twenty dollars is already enough!

After you place the order, you will have to be patient. This is because it can take up to several minutes for the transaction to be executed. Especially with high volatility, it may take a bit longer to find a seller to execute your buy order.

Suntrust Bank Buy Bitcoin

Beware of scams

You won’t be the first Suntrust Bank customer to fall for a crypto scam. Beware of the following scams:

  • Fraud: watch out for fake exchanges! These crypto exchanges try to trick you into making a deposit from your Suntrust Bank account.
  • Pump and dump: some parties issue fake, worthless crypto coins and artificially boost the price. After reaching a high price, the owners sell all their coins, after which it becomes worthless.
  • Security: even on an exchange, your Bitcoin & Ethereum are not secure. You can choose to move your crypto to an external wallet; that way, you maintain full control.

About Suntrust Bank

Fortunately, SunTrust Bank is crypto-friendly: the bank has no anti-crypto policy, allowing you to connect your account to a crypto exchange without having to worry.

Suntrust Bank is one of the larger banks within America. The bank’s headquarters can be found in Atlanta.

Can you buy Bitcoin at Suntrust Bank?

Yes and no! You cannot buy Bitcoin and other crypto directly from SunTrust Bank. However, by following the steps in this guide, you can buy crypto with your SunTrust Bank account without any problems. If you have any further questions about investing in crypto with SunTrust Bank, please let me know!


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